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1.  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?  Movies and TV programs made in one’s own country are more interesting than those made in other countries. 
1.    Films and TV programs made in one’s own country are more attracting as he or she is more familiar with language and culture.
2.    Producers of movies and television shows can better understand and satisfy the preference of people in their homeland.
1.    People prefer movies or TV series different from those of their native land. 人们更喜欢跟自己文化不一样的节目;
2.    Foreign feature films or dramas are more absorbing since they are usually of better quality.
3.    Despite different languages, local people can still appreciate shows from other countries with subtitles and dubbings.
movie, film, picture, motion picture, feature, feature film 电影、故事片
TV program, broadcast show, production, telecast, drama 电视节目、电视广播
 TV series, set of programs, production, serial; situation comedy, soap opera 电视剧、情景喜剧、肥皂剧
one's country; homeland; native land; motherland 祖国
other countries, foreign countries; outside their home country 外国
foreign, exotic, alien, from another country or society 外来的
absorbing, engrossing, fascinating, captivating, engaging, enthralling, appealing, attractive, amusing, entertaining, intriguing 有趣的、吸引人的
audience, viewers, television watcher观众
familiar, well-known to sb., easy to recognize 熟悉
plot, story, storyline 情节
excellent, exceptional, good, high, outstanding, superior, top + quality 高质量
… construct a plot that please the native audience 构思取悦本国观众的情节
… fit, fit with, satisfy, suit the preferences of the audience 适应、满足观众的喜好
… fully appreciate the culture of foreign countries 充分欣赏外国的文化
It is such exotic beauty that make those movies more attractive to local people. 正是异域的美使得那些电影对本国人更有吸引力。
Never can local film studios produce movies of equal quality in short time. 本国电影公司很难在短时间内拍出同样质量的电影。
2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 
The best leaders are those who are willing to admit when they made bad decisions. 
1.       Mistakes caused by bad decision can be corrected in time if leaders do not reject to admit their faults.
2.      Team members will be ready to contribute to work when their supervisors are not reluctant to acknowledge negligence.
3.      Bosses who are brave enough to be confronted with their improper decisions can serve as a good example for their subordinates.
supervisor, senior, boss 上级
mistake, fault, negligence 错误
admit, acknowledge, recognize 承认
irrational, unreasonable 不合理的
decision, conclusion, choice 决定
problematic, unresolved 有问题的
aftermath, consequence 后果
correct, mend, modify 修正、改正
subordinates, team members, office juniors 下属
be willing to, be ready to, be prepared to 愿意
… be brave in shouldering responsibility 勇于承担责任
… paper over, conceal, mask the true picture掩盖真相
… confront with problem正视、面对问题
… accumulate experience through mistakes通过犯错积累经验
… set a good example for others 为他人树立榜样
3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Even though many people from different countries care about environment problems (pollution and global warming), the environmental situation can not be improved in the future. 
1The extreme seriousness of environmental problems reflects the difficulty of reversing or changing the process overtime once the damage has been done.
2.    The resulting environmental problems from human expansion and from the overexploitation of non-renewable natural resources could make the deterioration even worse in the future.
3. In spite all the innovative techniques and efforts that human beings have made to improve the environment, those redemption seems to be pale in comparison to the rate of everlasting deterioration.
consume 消耗,消费
everlasting deterioration 持续恶化
pale in comparison to相形见绌
fossil fuel化石燃料
alternative energy sources替代性能源
wind farm风力发电厂
Among these related problems, the issue of international efforts in combating environmental pollution is an extremely acute one. 在所有问题当中,国际合作共同努力对抗环境污染成为一个最为急迫的事情。
Many human activities result in the release of toxic chemicals into the air or into water, which can go on to damage the environment or cause ill health in people. 人类活动造成很多有毒化学物质聚集在水里和空气中,这些有毒物质最终会破坏环境或者造成人类身体伤害。
Many combustion processes, such as wood and coal fires, wood stoves, and the burning of fuel in cars produce minute particles of carbon, in the form of haze and smoke.很多燃烧过程,比如木头和煤的燃烧,木头炉子,以及车辆燃料都能造成很小的碳化颗粒。形成成雾霾.
One of the biggest environmental problems facing mankind is due to a pollutant that is not normally directly harmful to humans. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced in huge quantities by the burning of fossil fuels, for example by cars, industrial processes, and airplanes.最困扰人类的环境问题之一是那种不对人类造成直接伤害的污染。比如车辆,工业过程以及飞机所形成的化石燃料的燃烧会产生大量的CO2.
Solutions to many of these problems will require action by governments across the globe, for example, to reduce burning of fossil fuels and develop renewable energy resources.
4. Which of the following do you think contributes the most to an enjoyable vacation?
Good Food,Good Location,Good Friends to travel with.
1.   While it is memorizable to eat good food and stay in good location during traveling, good friends, on the other hand, could provide security that are fundamental to a vacation.
2.  Good food and good location only lasts no less than 3 months in a person’s mind, however, Good friends could share with each other with memories and opinions during a vacation, thus to make it permanent and profound.
3.  With the help of good friend to travel with, it is more likely to find good food and good location with 2 or more people's power than just one person alone.
food and entertainment食品和娱乐
historical and cultural attractions历史和文化景点
expand their minds开阔他们的思维
interact with the local people和当地居民互动
build understand and trust建立理解和信任
enjoy the local cuisine and entertainment享受当地特色佳肴和娱乐
is a multi-sensory experience(旅行)是多感官的体验
the host country游客去的国家
create their own itinerary自己设计旅行路线
explore the local culture探索当地文化
Going on an enjoyable vacation is always a pleasant thing, but people do have different views when talking about what makes a vacation enjoyable. 旅行总是让人开心的,但是人们对于如何让旅行开心有不同的看法
If we do have choices, some of us will even prefer having plain food with friends to eating something tasty alone, for friends can amuse us all along the way, but tasty food
only provides satisfaction while eating. 如果我们有选择,很多人宁愿选择和朋友一起吃平常的食物而不是一个人吃很好吃的事物,因为朋友可以一路上带给我们欢乐,但是事物只能在吃的时候给予快乐。
Friends are like miracles in our lives, for they make ordinary places beautiful and memorable, and they also make plain food attractive. 朋友是我们生活中的奇迹,因为他们让平凡的地方变得美丽而且难忘,同样也让一些平凡的食物变的可口。
while most people take vacations as an opportunity to relax, I like to take them as an opportunity to challenge myself. 大部分人把旅行当作放松的方式,我却认为旅行是我挑战自我的方式。
When going on a vacation, a variety of factors can contribute to the overall quality of your experience. 在旅行途中,很多原因都能成为我们体验质量的来源。
5. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should live in the city or country all life instead of moving to another place.
Moving to other places can enrich one’s experience and broaden one’s horizon.
Moving to other places can help people get rid of bad memory.
Moving to other places can expand one’s social network.
migrant worker 外来务工人员
extricate 摆脱
divorce 离婚
bullying 欺负、霸凌
a whole new perspective全新的视角
interpersonal relationship 人际关系
fast-paced 快节奏的
tranquil 宁静的
routine 常规、例行公事
Staying in the same place forever makes people feel that they are imprisoned in an invisible cage. 永远待在一个地方让人们觉得他们被囚禁在隐性的牢笼里。
Their income constrains them in the particular place, depriving them of the chance to find something new. 收入水平使得他们偏安一隅,失去了发现新鲜事物的机会。
Being in a rut greatly increases the possibility to suffer from depression. 一成不变的生活使得人们有更高的可能性患上抑郁症。
Switching to a new environment can be the panacea for people who are sick and tired of their current lives. 搬去一个全新的环境对于那些厌倦了当下生活的人们来说是一种灵药。
A brand-new environment gives people a whole new perspective to look at what they used to have. 全新的生活环境给人们提供了一个全新的角度来看待过去所拥有的。
6. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students who keep their rooms neat and organized are more successful than students who do not.
A student who often cleans up the room is usually self-disciplined and self-discipline is an important character shared by almost all successful people.
Keeping room neat and organized is a reflection of a good habit of doing things in order.
Children who lack the perseverance cannot keep their room neat and organized.
messy / chaotic 混乱的
triumph 成功
diligence 勤奋
orderliness 有序
embody 体现
excessive 过度的
stickler for cleanliness 洁癖之人
logical 有逻辑的
sort out 整理
maintain 维持
In order to fulfill our rosy dreams, we should rely on our diligence. 为了实现瑰丽的梦想,我们应该依赖自身的勤奋。
Success never comes easily, in this sense, only those who dare to take risks and constantly challenge themselves could seize the golden chance of tasting the sweetness of obtaining their objectives. 成功来之不易,因此,成功属于敢于挑战自己,把握机会之人,只有他们才能品尝成功的滋味。
God help those who help themselves. 天道酬勤。
In time of adversity, instead of retreating and daydreaming, we should hold our heads high and accept all the challenges. 身处逆境时,我们不应退缩,沉迷幻想,我们应该振作精神,接受挑战。
A good habit can be transformed into an obstacle if one pays an excessive attention to it. 当一个人过分在意某件事情的时候,一个好习惯也会转变成一种阻碍。
7. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Government should build more art museum or music performance than recreational facilities?
It’s more economically competitive to construct recreational facilities; the instant effects brought by the facilities can be more straight-forward.
The government should consider the benefits for the majority of people.
the authorities当局(作文里有时可以代替使用次数过多的government)
legislation立法,正式场合经常代替law,但需要特别注意的是这个词是不可数名词,不能写a legislation,而只能写a piece of legislation或者under the new legislation
tax revenue 税收
…few of us have ever stopped to think about …很少有人去考虑…
Probably few of us have ever stopped to think about how our present day concept of government and ways of measuring it came about.
be concerned about…对……很关注,担忧
The government is deeply concerned about the health issue of citizens and ways of improving public hygiene.
be at odds with sth. 与……不符,与……冲突
The results were at odds with the previous ones, which suggested that there might be some problems with the methods used in the previous policies.
be threatened with… 受到……的威胁
Large numbers of local residents are being threatened with semi-health, mainly as a consequence of lacking physical activities.
abide by/comply with/conform to 遵守(法律、规定等)
People have to abide by the rules which govern them, for the security and steady development of the country.
8. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
The parents nowadays do not understand their children as well as parents understood their children 50 years ago.
Equality breeds more communication.
Improved living quality frees parents from daunting work; now they have more time for the family.
family bonds/family ties亲情
family values家庭观念
sibling rivalry在美国经常提起的概念:兄弟姐妹间的相互竞争
household chores家务事儿,接近housework
比如:take out the trash/garbage 倒垃圾,do the laundry 洗衣服,do the dishes 洗碗等
In any relationship, there has to be some give-and-takes.
widen the gap between…and… 加大两者之间的差距
In the past, conventional view of family widened the gap between the parents and kids.
be inundated with sth./be saturated with sth. 充斥着……(跟负面内容)
The upcoming video game will be saturated with blood and nudity, and they would saturate kid’s childhood.
be susceptible to 容易受到来自……的负面影响
Children tend to be more susceptible to video games, especially when they play them alone.
be confronted with sth. 面对挑战、危机、困难等
Today, the American parents who are confronted with a plethora of violent and pornographic TV shows are actually divided about this issue
diminish individuals’ leisure time 减少人们的休闲时间
The accelerating pace of urban life seriously diminishes individuals’ leisure time and causes psychological strain
9. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Most business people are motivated only by the desire of money?
Some products made by the manufacturers are of low quality, which poses a threat to the well-being of the consumers.
The original purpose of many merchants is to provide optimal quality product or service.
Businessmen also need to should the responsibility as a citizen of the community.
make profit 获利
toxic/poisonous 有毒的
criticize 批评
donation 捐款
own a large amount of money 拥有大量钱财
restrict 限制
morality 道德准则
contribution 贡献
value 价值观
duty/responsibility 责任
The primary motivating force behind people engaging in business or commerce in some fashion is the attainment of money. 从商人士的主要动力就是获取金钱。
The attainment of capital is necessary for basic survival. 金钱的获得对于基本的生存是很重要的。
There are a few out there who are more interested in social change, even some who are interested in making the world a better place to live in. 总有一些人热衷于社会的改革,甚至还有一些想把这个世界变得更适宜人类去居住。
Businessmen earn wealth by the diligence and intelligence, while the most important point is that they never shrink the duty of repaying the society.商人用他们的勤奋和智力赚钱,但最重要的是他们从不减少他们对于社会的回报。
It is the business people who open the factories, create products and thus prompt the breakthrough of technologies. 正是商人们开工厂,制造产品,进而促进了科技的突破。
Merchants try to seize every possible opportunity to make money by hook or by crook regardless of others’ interests, which lead to inverse social impacts. 商人利用每个欺骗消费者的机会获取了利润,这导致了负面的社会影响。
We should not deny the existence of many illegal businessmen making money at the expense of their own reputations and others’ profits. 我们不能否认一些不法商人的存在,他们通过牺牲他人声誉和利益的方式获益。
Being wealthy allows us to help other people whom are in-need. 拥有财富使得人们有能力去帮助其他需要帮助的人。
Businessmen could struggle for their dreams instead of the mundane fortune when their dreams are realized. 当商人赚得足够多的财富以后,他们会为他们的梦想而努力。
If money makes you happy, it's okay to be motivated by it temporarily. But once you've "achieved" making enough money, you'll either want to make more or you'll find something else that you want to achieve. 如果金钱使你快乐,短暂的为之所趋是可以理解的。但一旦你赚取了足够多的钱,你要么想赚更多要么想去寻求其他想实现的目标。
10. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A teacher who is serious and strict is more efficient/ effective than a teacher who is humor and easygoing?
Rigid teachers can make students do things they are reluctant to do.
Rigid teachers can help students better concentrate on the class.
Teachers who are humorous and easygoing can create a relaxed learning atmosphere.
A humorous and easygoing teacher can inspire the students’ self-study skill.
personality/character 性格
academic performance 学业表现
motivate /inspire激励
achievement 成就
popular 受欢迎的
focus on/ concentrate on 集中注意力
passion 热情
workload 任务
punish 惩罚
slack 偷懒
Popular teachers seem to be shiny on the platform, never failing to obtain the students’ preference.  受欢迎的老师在讲台上总是能有出彩的表现,深受学生的喜爱。
Students’ enthusiasm for study will be inspired and well-maintained. 学生学习的热情会被激发并被一直延续下去。
In order to ensure the understanding by students, an effective teacher makes efforts to improve their teaching methods. 为了确保学生能理解,一个高效的教师会致力于改善教学手段。
With better academic performance, students will be thankful for the hardworking teacher. 学生有了好的学业成绩便会感激老师的努力付出。
The fruitful result of children’s study is of paramount importance. 学生的学习成果是最重要的。
We need a rigid teacher who will examine our work after every class to see if we get everything correct, to push us till the end, and to force all those who do not have much passion about it to continue until we get there. 我们需要一个严格的老师来在每节课后检查我们的作业,一直推动着我们努力学习,并激励那些不愿学习的学生。
A rigid teacher may want to punish all those who have not finished reading the assigned books, giving them lower grades at the end of the semester, warning them that it will get them nowhere if they do not pay attention to study.一个严格的老师会惩罚没有完成阅读任务的学生,给予他们不好的成绩,警告他们如果不努力会一事无成。
That is what it takes to push someone who does not enjoy the education that much to finish it with comparatively good results.这正是推动一个不爱学习的学生取得正果所需要的。
You may get to feel the joy of learning itself, and feel motivated to go on. 你会感受到学习的乐趣,并会为之继续努力。
During the process, we are likely to feel exhausted and decide to slack and play video games instead. 在这个过程中,你会感到身体被掏空并想偷懒去玩一会游戏。


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