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  Some people think it is the best approach for students to learn if school start the day at an early time in the morning. But someone think the school should start the day at late time. Which one do you prefer? Use specific reasons and detailed examples to support your answer.
  Firstly, early classes in the morning will force the students to keep a disciplined life style.
  In addition, early start in the morning also leaves more extracurricular time for students.
  dally at night 在晚上浪费时间
  keep themselves energetic 使自己变得精力充沛
  shape many of their excellent characteristics 塑造很多优质的性格
  cozy bed 舒适的床
  extracurricular activities 课外活动
  Keeping the schedule in mind, they would no longer dally at night before sleep, and save their time in the morning. 把日程表记在心中,他们就不会在晚上睡觉前浪费时间,并且在早上节约很多时间。
  They could also shape many of their excellent characteristics, like self-discipline or persistence. 他们会塑造很多优秀的品格,比如说自律和坚持。
  Leaving the cozy bed requires a powerful willpower when we start a new day, and doing this every day asks for a strong self-control. 在新的一天离开舒适的床需要强大的意志力,每天这样做需要一个强大的自我控制力。
  More spare time after class enables students to conduct other activities, such as further exploring in study, deepening their interests or doing some other activities. 更多的课余时间能使学生参加其他的活动,比如在学习上的进一步探索或者开拓自己的兴趣爱好。
  Students would be also capable of learning instrument, painting or doing sports with abundant of time after class. 学生还能够在课余时间学习乐器,画画或者做运动。
  Those extracurricular activities help students to achieve complete development. 这些课外活动能够帮助孩子获得全面发展。

         High school students should be required to study many different subjects at same time or they should study only three or four subjects at a time.
  To begin with, only three or four subjects at a time ensure that students have enough time and energy to make further research in each of these fields.
  Besides, when students are allowed to choose three or four subjects at a time based on their own interest, they would performer better without under a huge amount of mental pressure.
  bite deeply into these subjects 对学科深入学习
  the whole picture of a certain field 对一个领域有完整的理解
  a smattering of knowledge 知识的浅知
  be more keen on their school work 对学习有热情
  get upset and frustrated 变的心烦意乱
  be bothersome and annoying 变的烦恼
  It allows them to bite deeply into these subjects, thus gaining the whole picture of a certain field in their mind rather than just a smattering of knowledge. 这能够让他们对这些学科有深入研究,从而对于一个领域有全面的了解而不是只是片面的了解。
  They would find themselves wrestling with complex chemical formulas, intertwined history events and distinctions between invertebrates and amphibians on the same very day.  他们会发现自己曲解复杂的化学公式,混淆历史事件以及无脊椎动物和两栖动物的区别。
  If they are forced to learn too many subjects at a time, chances are that they not only cannot be guaranteed with good grade but also get upset and frustrated. 如果他们强迫自己同时学习多门学科,那么很有可能他们无法保证好的成绩同时又会感到沮丧。
  Only when students spend their time on just three or four subjects that truly attractive to them can they get good grade on each subject and enjoy their high-school time happily. 只有当学生把他们的时间花在三到四门学科他们真正感兴趣的学科上,他们才能在每门学科中获得好的成绩并且享受他们的学习时光。
  Things may get even worse when they find some of these subjects are extremely bothersome and annoying. 当他们发现一些学科非常的无趣的时候,事情就会变得更糟糕。
  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: All university students should take basic science courses regardless of their fields of study.
  Taking basic science courses may be time-consuming and academically stressful.
  Offering basic science courses can increase the cost of education.
  The effects of learning basic science courses can be obtained in other forms.
  academic performance 成绩/学术表现
  credit 学分
  tuition 学费
  necessity 必要性
  unaffordable 难以负担的
  schooling 学校教育
  merit 好处 / 优势
  broaden horizon 开拓眼界
  knowledgably 博学多识的
  alternative / option 选择
  Learning basic science courses obviously occupies the time that is supposed to be spent on specialized courses.
  Given the importance of basic science, school authorities can turn basic science courses into casual lectures for students.
  Basic science broaden student's range of knowledge and enhance their analytical skills.
  Some students' academic pressure is so heavy that they could not afford to take any irrelevant courses, such as basic science.
  These costs would be reflected in the tuition fee, and would deprive many underprivileged students of an opportunity for education.

       Some people believe that video games could inspire young students' interest and make their study more efficient rather than distracting them and a waste of time, so young students should be allowed to play video games.
  Firstly, games that are designed to help teach and "brain training" have long and enormous popular appeal.
  Games that convey positive social messages never fail to boost the children's confidence, encourage cooperation and teamwork.
  improved performance in perception, attention and cognition 感知力,注意力和认知力的更好的表现
  information-processing, logic-thinking and problem-solving abilities 信息加工,逻辑思维和解决问题的能力
  Vigorously improve the hand-eye coordination, enhance split-second decision making and boost auditory perception 极大地提高眼睛和手的协调,增强瞬间决策能力以及听觉感知能力
  multitask 多任务
  A sense of achievement 自我实现
  puzzles,exploration and discovery 迷宫探索和发现
  emphasize the cooperative aspects of game play 强调游戏的合作
  Game players show improved performance in perception, attention and cognition. 游戏者有着在感知力,注意力和认知能力上的更好表现。
  One of the redeeming qualities of all games, even those with violent content, is enhanced information-processing, logic-thinking and problem-solving abilities in novel contexts. 所有游戏的一个可取之处,哪怕是那些有暴力内容的游戏,就是在新奇的背景下提高信息处理能力,逻辑思维能力和解决问题的能力。
  Some carefully-designed studies have shown that video games improve several aspects of brain activity, including multitasking. 一些精心设计的调查研究发现电脑游戏能够提高大脑活动的多种方面,包括多任务处理。
  Games help children feel a sense of achievement. Through those puzzles, exploration and discovery, players learn to succeed in ways that our brains actually prefer. 游戏能帮助孩子获得成就感。通过这些迷宫,探索和发现,孩子能通过一些我们的大脑更喜欢的方式来学会成功。
  Children are free to explore and utilize and achieve success with this new skill, growing in confidence all the while. 孩子能够自由地探索和使用新的技能来获得成功,同时也提高了他们的自信。
  Many games today emphasize the cooperative aspects of game play, in which two or more players need to work together to reach a common goal. 现在很多游戏都注重游戏的合作,从中有两个或者多个玩家需要共同合作来完成某个目标。
  It's difficult for teachers to be both popular (well liked) and effective in helping students learn. Agree or disagree?
  First and foremost, teachers adopting wide popularity among students perfectly draw their attention during the class.
  Additionally, an effective teacher are capable of winning students' acceptance. 有效率的老师更能够得到学生的接受。
  Shiny on the platform 在讲台上散发光芒
  outstanding characters 吸引人的个性
  zest and enthusiasm for study 对于学习的热情
  academic performance 学业成绩
  fruitful result of children's study 富有成果的学习
  make combined efforts to improve the teaching methods 多方面努力提高教学方式
  Equipped with outstanding characters, popular teachers seem to be shiny on the platform, never failing to obtain the students' clear preference. 由于吸引人的个性,受欢迎的老师能够在讲台上散发光芒,也从来不会失去学生的喜爱。
  Students' zest and enthusiasm for study will be inspired and well-maintained. 学生对于学习的热情会被激发并且一直保持。
  In order to ensure the comprehensive understanding of the class by students, effective teachers make combined efforts to improve their teaching methods, which will finally be witnessed by both the parents and students. 为了使学生全面理解课程,有效的老师会通过多方面的努力来提高他们的教学方法,最终被家长和学生所目睹。
  With better academic performance, students will be wholeheartedly thankful for the hardworking teachers. 学生会因为学习成绩的提高而衷心的感谢这些辛勤付出的老师。
  The fruitful result of children's studying is of paramount importance and is closely related to their welcome of teachers. 富有成果的学习是最重要的并且也是紧密关系到老师的受欢迎程度。
  Students in a university club want to help others, but they can only choose one project a year, which one of the following is the best?
  Help those students in a nearby primary school with reading and mathematics;
  Help people who cannot afford to build or rent a home to build a house;
  Visit and assist elderly people with daily tasks.
  There is no generation gap between the college students and primary school students.
  Helping reading and mathematics can cultivate students' communication skill.
  teachers = instructors = educators  老师
  be familiar with 熟悉
  highly qualified  合格的
  congenial 亲切的
  generation gap 代沟
  apply theory to practice 把理论运用于实践
  entertaining 娱乐性的
  impart knowledge into one's mind 教授知识
  disseminate knowledge = pass on knowledge = convey knowledge  传播知识
  cultivate/ develop/ foster communication skill培养沟通能力
  College students are likely to make the learning experience more stimulating and motivating. 大学生更有可能把学习变得更具动力
  Sending college students to work in community services is a good idea as it can provide them with many valuable skills.让大学生参加社区活动是个很好的想法因为这能给他们提供许多有价值的技能。
  Children should begin to develop their social skills through the communication with their peers and their teachers as early as possible. 孩子应该尽早的通过与同龄人和老师的交流来培养他们的社交能力。
  Many university students strive for high academic performance but do not spend much time on non-academic activities. 许多大学生致力于他们的学校成绩但不愿花太多时间在非学术活动上。
  Students may even feel frustrated with learning because many of the teachers do not interest or challenge them. 由于许多老师不去激发学生兴趣或给学生挑战,他们会对学习感到受挫。
  It is easy for college students to stimulate children's imagination and encourage them to approach problems creatively. 大学生能更容易地激发学生的想象力并鼓励他们创造性的解决问题。
  Many university students not only have unique teaching styles but also have academic and personal interests that are attractive to primary school students. 许多大学生不仅有独特的教学风格还有对小学生有吸引力的学习和个人兴趣。
  During the volunteer work, college students can develop their communication skills and teamwork skills. 在志愿者活动中,大学生能培养他们的交流能力和团队合作能力。
  The volunteer work provides students with opportunities to apply and practice their theoretical knowledge and technical skills. 志愿者活动为学生提供了运用理论知识技能的机会。
  Most of the formative years of a child should be spent engaging in recreational activities. 孩子性格养成期应该花在娱乐休闲活动上。
  If you were offered two jobs, one has average paid and you work normal hours (40 hours a week), the other one has much higher salary but you need to work long hours. Which one would you choose? And state your reasons.
  Working normal hours means you can have more time with your family members.
  You are more likely to stay away from unhealthy lifestyle when working 40 hours a week.
  obesity 肥胖
  suffer a heart attack 得心脏病
  sedentary lifestyle 久坐不动的生活方式
  reduce stress 释放压力
  strengthen the bond 加强纽带
  workout 运动
  a balanced diet 均衡的饮食
  keep sb company 陪伴
  depression 抑郁症
  work overtime 加班
  Outdoor recreation such as mountain climbing, camping and hiking are ideal activities to encourage family bonding. 户外活动比如爬山,野营和徒步对于推动家庭关系来说是非常好的活动。
  Many families participate in outdoor recreation as a way to bond. 许多家庭把参与户外活动当作一种联系纽带。
  More often than not parents say recreation's capacity to build self-worth and personal growth and help children develop important interpersonal skills are the most important reasons to see children active. 大部分时候,家长说树立自我价值和个人成长,帮助孩子培养交际能力是让孩子们多活动的重要原因。
  Many families make use of outdoor recreation as a means to establish bonds and transmit key values to children. 许多家庭把户外活动当作建立关系纽带和传递重要价值观的一种途径。
  A sizable number of people feel that recreation strengthens the family as a unit and the children as individuals.大部分认为休闲活动使家庭更团结,使个体更独立。
  These dynamic families are balancing their contribution in recreational activities with work. 这些常常活动的家庭用休闲活动来平衡工作。
  According to many people the most imperative reasons to recreate are fun, fitness and family time. 大部分人觉得参与休闲活动最重要的原因是娱乐,健康和家庭时间。
  Irregular meals increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. 不规律的饮食会增加肥胖和心血管疾病的风险。
  Fast food always compromises the nutritional value of food. 快餐会损失食物的营养价值。
  When family members do not have meals together, it may weaken family bonds. 当家人不经常在一起吃饭时,这可能会削弱家庭关系。
  Which way do you think is the best for a student to make new friends. a. joining a sports team, b. participating in community activities, c. traveling.
  Joining a sports team could greatly facilitate communication and interaction, making it easier to establish friendship.
  People who participate in community activities are various in the age and background, so it is less likely to make new friends with them.
  Students usually travel with families or travelling group, having less chance to make new friends.
  team spirit 团队精神
  collective 集体的
  competitive sports 对抗性运动
  peer 同龄人
  interaction 互动
  mutual understanding 相互了解
  voluntary 自愿的 / 自发的
  security 安全
  shared interest 共同爱好
  acquaintance 相识的人
  Friendship is one of the most valuable sentiments for people, especially for people who are in school days.
  Making new friends and sharing interests with others are always exciting parts of social life.
  Students can not only release themselves from whole day's pressure, but also can build up good relationships with others through the communication and exercise
  Joining a sport team will provide a long period of time for students to get along with each other.
  They can learn how to fight for the same goal through tacit teamwork and how to contribute to the whole team instead of just thinking of oneself.